Hi, I'm Stephanie Swearngin.

I'm a visual designer and journalist with a passion for designing engaging user experiences and analyzing how people interact with online news content. 


Digital Design, Motion Web Graphics and Web Development

I received my master's degree with a concentration in Web Design and Development from the University of Denver in 2018. I love utilizing my graduate coursework in digital design and front-end development to think strategically, to effectively collaborate with web and digital teams, and to produce interactive multimedia presentations and landing pages for five news sources in Colorado.

While earning a master's degree in Information and Communications Technology, I also took coursework focused on UX/UI design and user research. My education has allowed me to take the lead in building engaging web applications and implementing creative solutions for 4 digital news products in Colorado Springs and Denver.


Editorial Page Design, Photo Editing Infographic Design and Copy Editing

I have over 15 years of experience in page design, photo editing, production planning and content editing for daily newspapers. I have worked for news publications in Florida and Colorado.

Art Direction, Photo Illustration Design,
Graphic Design and Production Planning

As Design Editor for a news media organization in Colorado. I lead the art direction on five magazines, while collaborating with designers on creating captivating cover illustrations and dynamic designs. These publications feature political news, sports, lifestyle and marketing content.


Fitness Column

I'm a published fitness columnist and an award-winning writer. I've been a nationally certified fitness professional for over 10 years. In 2015, I launched a fitness column called, "Fitness Diaries," at gazette.com

"Fitness Diaries" was awarded First Place for Best Online Blog in the 2016 Top of the Rockies Journalism contest presented by the Society of Professional Journalists. The regional competition is among journalists from Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.